Renato Kessi

We have conceived a design language that reflects the technological and future-oriented view of this means of transport.

The two large sliding doors, which allow a stepless boarding and offer a maximum of space for the passengers during boarding and disembarking at the terminal, also have the function of being able to open them in case of an emergency stop in the tube.

The seats offer passengers a certain amount of private space due to the large side elevations at head height. The lenses for a VR entertainment system are also fitted there.

The Hyperloop runs in a closed tube, an outside view is not possible, therefore the VR entertainment medium is supposed to transport the customer into another more open world.

Our Hyperloop design concept puts this novel technology in a new light. We are convinced that this design combined with your technology makes the product accessible for everyone. The concept is modern, functional, transparent and open.

Renato Kessi

The project was carried out on own initiative, so the timeframes was quite limited.

With sketches, we searched for the suitable outer shape.

In the workshop we created a 1:1 test prototype in order to better see the size ratios and to adjust and design the seats optimally.

4. Sem FHNW

Projekt auf Eigeninitiative

in Zusammenarbeit mit Tobias Kauer

Frühling 2016